13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Etsy Business

13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Etsy Business
13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Etsy Business

If you’ve been selling on Etsy for awhile now or you’ve hit a slump, then, it’s time you start a blog for your Etsy business.

No, it isn’t hard to start a blog and no, you don’t need to be a super-techie! All you need is a hosting company, a platform and a design. Check out my post, How to Start a Blog for Your Creative Business, to get started. Then, you just need to write and write and write some more. The key to having a successful blog is providing good, quality content and lots of it.

Hard? No.

Time-consuming? Yes.

So, if you’re not willing to put in the time, then don’t bother to read any further. Starting a blog isn’t a set it and forget it task. It’s like raising a baby or growing a garden. It needs tending to on a daily basis. If you’re not going to take care of it, then it’s not going to grow successfully.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 13 reasons why you should start a blog for your Etsy business, if you’re willing to work hard to grow your shop and you think you’re ready to add more work to your plate, then keep reading…

13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Etsy Business

13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Etsy Business

  1. Expand your brand – Get your name out there and spread the word about your business by writing relevant blog posts.
  2. Promote your products – Share new products and seasonal favorites with your blog readers.
  3. Share the process – Post photos of your craft process and share how-to’s with your customers.
  4. Update your customers – Let readers know when you’re having sales or discounts. Share sneak peeks of new products and behind the scenes moments.
  5. Increase traffic to your Etsy shop – The more you write about your Etsy shop, the more often people (potential customers!) will come across your posts.
  6. Build your mailing list – Don’t forget to include a mailing list sign up form on your new blog! It’s imperative that you build your mailing list. You never know what could happen to Etsy and you’ll want to keep your customers informed of where to find you in such a situation.
  7. Share better photographs – Etsy allows 5 photographs, which is great, but, because of the size restriction, it limits the ability to post pictures in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use your blog to share more product photographs with your customers.
  8. Show customers who you really are – Be honest, share your faults and failures. Let customers see that there is a real person behind the scenes of your business and not just an Internet robot.
  9. Expand your product line – Considering adding a new line to your Etsy shop? ASK your readers what you should add! Use your blog as a way to find out what your customers really want from you.
  10. Get feedback from customers – Again, your blog readers and customers are your best source when you need answers about your business. Ask them! Write a blog post with your question and ask for answers in the comments section. Too afraid of the public answers? Send out an email, containing your question, to your mailing list and ask them to respond directly to your email.
  11. Host giveaways for readers – Be grateful for your blog readers, especially those that become customers! Host the occasional giveaway, provideĀ free printables or offer a coupon for those who sign up for your mailing list.
  12. Add additional revenue streams – When you start a blog for your Etsy business that doesn’t mean that’s all you should share with your readers! Owning a blog allows you to create as many revenue streams as you like. Utilize it to promote your Etsy business, but add more money to your pocket by promoting products that you use, selling ad space on your sidebar or even writing and selling e-books. Sign up to become an affiliate for your favorite products and then, share them with your readers. For example, if you’re a crocheter or knitter, you could easily promote your favorite place to buy wholesale yarn or where you like to buy your knitting needles. There are an endless number of companies you can join as an affiliate – but that’s a post for a later time. For now, just head over to Google or Swagbucks and search “affiliate + {YOUR CRAFT FIELD OR BRAND YOU WANT TO REPRESENT}”.
  13. Boost your income – Doing all of the above will not only help build your blog and your Etsy business, but with that many eyes on your products, it’s sure to boost your income as well.

I hope these 13 reasons why you should start a blog for your Etsy business help give you the motivation you need to start your own!

Check out How to Start a Blog for Your Creative Business to get started.

Still haven’t opened your Etsy shop? Read my How to Sell on Etsy series.

Have a Spectacular Day!


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