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About VLHamlin (the blog)…

I started blogging in 2006 with a recipe blog, but after a few years I found that having such a narrow focus was too difficult for me. My brain runs like a freight train on a daily basis and trying to contain all those ideas within the category of food is just impossible. And so, began VLHamlin, because that’s me. I have a myriad of ideas and I like it that way. I am a designer, a maker, an artist and a crafter.

I love to share menu plans, recipes, DIY projects and frugal living tips with you, so I created this blog to share those random ideas, along with news and updates from VLHamlinDesign.

About VLHamlin (the person)…

I’m Vanessa, the writer, owner, designer and creator of VLHamlin and VLHamlinDesign.  I’m also a wife to an amazing man who puts up with way more of my craziness than anyone should and a blessed mama of 2 daughters, who mean the world to me.

I’m quirky, artistic and crafty, with a little bit of smart thrown in for good measure.

I love to be frugal and I’d honestly choose to be that way whether I woke up to riches in my inbox this morning or not. I hate being wasteful and I prefer to reuse and/or upcycle most items rather than throw them away.

I am a strong believer in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I strive to live a “Waste not-Want not” lifestyle.

36 Random Things About Me

  1. I’m a psychology buff
  2. I LOVE graphic design…no better high than turning my sketches into finished products
  3. I read everything and anything…including the fine print
  4. I’m an introvert…big time
  5. I almost never do what I’m told
  6. I’m a complete and total geek
  7. I hate onions
  8. I love ice cream
  9. I’m a perfectionist
  10. I procrastinate…a lot
  11. I’m crazy frugal
  12. I was born on leap year
  13. I’m a Pisces (obviously…see #12)
  14. My personality type is INFP (see #1)
  15. I spend most of my time in the dungeon (AKA my basement office)
  16. I’m a single-tasker
  17. I’m obsessed with DIY projects
  18. I’m a picky eater
  19. I like to cook or rather I like to make my own food because then I know what ingredients I’m eating (see #18)
  20. I’m a homebody… I’d prefer to be home than anywhere else on earth
  21. I’m a “trytobe” homesteader…as in I’d like to be, but well, it’s a work in progress
  22. I believe strongly in the power of love and um…patience, because the two go hand-in-hand, don’t they?
  23. I make lists…for everything
  24. I love to plan things…but not always execute them
  25. My favorite meal is lasagna
  26. I grew up in a tiny little mountain town with a population of around 1,000
  27. I graduated high school with a class of 19
  28. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother
  29. I married my husband in 2001
  30. I have 1 teenage daughter (yikes!) and 1 tweenage daughter (tears!)
  31. My favorite color is green…not one specific green…I like all of ’em
  32. My favorite dessert is cheesecake
  33. I’m a geek…did I say that already?
  34. I’ve only had 9 birthdays (see #12)
  35. I’m a craft supply hoarder collector
  36. I intend to be financially independent by the time I am 40.

About VLHamlinDesign (the shop)

VLHamlinDesign is my online store where I design and sell hand-lettered cards, wall art and stationery, along with digital printables like calendars, planners and organizers for everyday life.

Many of my paper goods designs are offered as instant downloads, meaning you get them as soon as you checkout! There is no waiting period! I also offer custom products and I would love to work with you to create the design of your dreams!

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  1. Hello Vanessa,
    I have been a biology teacher in Las Vegas for 30 years. I would like to have your feedback on a idea I have for teachers… stationary or note pad both will work.
    Thank you,

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