Product Spotlight: Daily and Weekly Planner Notepads

Product Spotlight - Daily and Weekly Planner Notepads

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Are you sick and tired of staring at a never-ending to do list that you can’t ever seem to complete? Stop adding to the list and start planning your time like a pro with these gorgeous daily and weekly planner notepads!

I might just be the most scatterbrained person you’ll ever meet, but you wouldn’t know it if you met me in real life. I appear to be calm, collected and “put together” all the time. For years I’ve had people suggest that I’m so well organized and I smile, saying “Thank You” every time. But, inside my own head, I’m dying of laughter, because it’s a farce. It’s totally a farce. Without my daily planner, I’d be up the creek without a paddle.

My Daily Planner

I call her my boss, but honestly, she’s my best friend…

Why do you call your planner a she? It’s an inanimate object, you crazy lady!

You might think I’m insane for calling my daily planner a she, but I’m not totally off my rocker…I promise (well, maybe). I haven’t given her a name or anything (at least, not yet)!

All joking aside, I call my planner a “she” or “my boss” because that’s how I look at it…as my boss.

I’ve been at this home business thing for a long time now. But, it took me years to be able to force myself to sit at my computer every single morning and work, instead of doing something else around the house.

For the longest time, I would choose, actually choose, to do dishes instead of working. I would do laundry, sweep the floor, clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a sponge instead of working.

My Daily Planner 2

Until one day, a few years back, I was working on a planner for sale and it suddenly occurred to me that I was an idiot. I had all of the tools for keeping track of my schedule right in my own hands.

I was designing and selling printable planners for customers all over the world, but it never sank into my own thick head that I could get my own life in order, if I just used one of my own planners or planner notepads.

As a self-employed stationery designer and blogger, I’m at the top…there is no one above me to tell me what to do and honestly, I can be pretty lazy if I want to be.

So, I created my own boss AKA my life planner.

Yes, I have to check in on her every now and then, to make sure she’s aware of what’s coming up in the future. But all in all, she does a great job of keeping me in line.

My Daily Planner

I use a simple binder for my planner and I created the pages to fit my own needs. You won’t find this design in any of my shops…it is exclusively mine. (Mine, mine, mine!)

Yes, I color-code my planner…I’m a little OCD about it. Blue is for the blog, green for the shop and purple for home and life stuff. Red means it’s finished or I need to move it to another day. It helps me keep track of each individual task on my list.

You sell stationery and paper goods for a living. Why isn’t your planner magazine worthy?

Because it’s not meant to be.

A planner is meant to be useful.

It is meant to help you keep track of the things you need to do, places you need to go and people (or occasions) you need to remember. It’s not meant to be sitting on a shelf, looking pretty, to show off to family and friends.

Sure, you can use a planner that features a pretty font or a colorful design, but…

You’re supposed to USE your planner. And use it daily.

Use it until it falls apart and you have to buy a new one.

AND, maybe when you need a new one, you’ll decide you want one of these…

New – Daily and Weekly Planner Notepads

Swirly Dots Daily Planner

Swirly Dots – Daily Planner

This daily planner features space on the left for writing in the date and any notes that come to mind, along with 4 separate spaces on the right, for jotting down your “to do list” and daily responsibilities throughout the morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening.



Personalized Hummingbird – Weekly Planner

This hummingbird planner notepad features your name at the top, a gorgeous, little illustrated hummingbird and flower, along with tons of space below for keeping track of your day to day schedule. There’s even an extra space at the bottom to jot down random notes, appointments, errands or thoughts for next month.



Family – Weekly Planner Notepad

This family planner features your monogram and your family name at the top, along with tons of space below for keeping track of your day to day schedule. There’s even an extra space at the bottom to jot down random notes, appointments, errands or thoughts for next month.

That’s all for today!

I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing through my planner and checking out the new planner notepads!

Head over to the shop and check out all the other new goodies that I’ve added this week!

Have a Spectacular Day!