Pizza Burger Puffs

Pizza Burger Puffs

Need a quick and easy dinner recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients? These Pizza Burger Puffs are just thing to fill your belly fast! I love to cook and most of the time, I like to make things from scratch, but sometimes it’s just so much easier to throw together a semi-homemade dinner that’s ready … Read morePizza Burger Puffs

22+ Back to School Recipes

22 Back to School Recipes 2

Looking for some new back to school recipes to surprise the kids with this year? Look no further! This post contains 22+ recipes that are not only delicious, but cheap and easy to make, too! It’s time! The back to school rush is on nationwide. Throughout the south, kids have already been back in school … Read more22+ Back to School Recipes

Sweet Corn Cakes: Just 2 Ingredients!

Sweet Corn Cakes 1

Need a quick, easy breakfast or a delicious bread to go with your dinner? Try these amazing Sweet Corn Cakes – they’re perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Sweet Corn Cakes are a “healthier” take on Corn Fritters – which I dearly love – but they are so much better for you when they aren’t … Read moreSweet Corn Cakes: Just 2 Ingredients!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets Your Kids Will Love

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Looking for a quick, easy way to fill the kids’ need for chicken nuggets without heading for the drive-thru? Make your own homemade chicken nuggets instead with this simple recipe. My girls love chicken nuggets, especially my youngest…but you wouldn’t know it if you went out for fast food with us. She always orders a … Read moreHomemade Chicken Nuggets Your Kids Will Love

The Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough

The Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough - 1

Don’t waste your time mixing and kneading your pizza dough at the counter! This bread machine pizza dough requires just 7 simple ingredients and it’s ready in 22 minutes! As a pizza lover, I have searched high and low for easy ways to make the best pizza dough and my regular homemade pizza dough is … Read moreThe Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough

13 Good Picnic Food Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

13 Good Picnic Food Ideas That Wont Break The Bank

You don’t need expensive wine and caviar to have a great picnic! It’s the ambiance and the company that matter most – so, get out there, have fun and enjoy some of these good picnic food ideas that won’t break the bank. Today is my husband and my 16th wedding anniversary! It’s so hard to … Read more13 Good Picnic Food Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Homemade Pizza Muffins

Homemade Pizza Muffins 4

Are your kids always starving after school? Surprise them with these adorably delicious, pop in your mouth homemade pizza muffins. Homemade Pizza Muffins Pizza dough Pizza sauce Mozzarella cheese Choice of toppings, chopped or diced Prepare dough and sauce as directed in each recipe. Roll dough into 12 balls, approximately 2 inches in size. Preheat … Read moreHomemade Pizza Muffins

Flatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon & Garlic

Flatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon and Garlic 2

Most of you already know that I love pizza…that it’s one of my very favorite foods. Around here we make homemade pizza, a lot. But, did you know that it’s not my husband’s favorite? Weirdo that he is, he doesn’t really love pizza. But, he’s a man and when you put bacon and garlic on … Read moreFlatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon & Garlic

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad - LEAD

Craving a delicious summer salad? Look no further than this Loaded Baked Potato Salad – it’s packed full of buttery, golden potatoes, bacon, pickles and sharp cheddar cheese. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or a weekend BBQ. Loaded Baked Potato Salad Recipe Ingredients: 8 medium-sized Yukon Gold potatoes 1/2 lb. bacon 6 sweet pickles, diced … Read moreLoaded Baked Potato Salad

Homemade French Bread Pizza

Homemade French Bread Pizza - LEAD

Sick and tired of the same old pizza, week after week? Step it up a notch with this crusty and delicious Homemade French Bread Pizza. Ready in less than an hour! Pizza, pizza, pizza! As you know we love pizza around here and I often try to make a variety of different kinds so that … Read moreHomemade French Bread Pizza