DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags

Are you sick of wasting your money on expensive zipper bags only to have them thrown into the garbage in just a few short hours?

Me too!

This past year, my family alone threw away roughly 1,200 zipper bags. It’s terrible, I know.

According to the US Census Bureau, there’s a little more than 114 million households (2010 Census) in the United States.

And, if every family is throwing away 1,200 plastic bags each year, that’s roughly 136,800,000,000 zipper bags cluttering up the Earth. In just 1 year!

That’s billions, my friends.

That makes me sad. Really sad. What a waste!

With school beginning in just a few weeks here, I’m starting to prepare and do some school shopping. But, this year, I don’t want to throw away 1,200 zipper bags. That’s just crazy!

I could order some reusable bags, like this really cool silicone sandwich bag I found on Amazon. But, I’d much prefer to make my own reusable bags, instead of wasting all that money just to damage the Earth. Plus, if I make them myself, the girls can have some say in the colors and patterns that I use to make their bags.

So, I’ve been wasting time researching, a little, on Pinterest, to see what other DIYers are using to send lunch to school. And, I’ve found some really awesome ideas! I thought I’d go ahead and share, for those of you that might want to make your own reusable sandwich bags this year, too!

Check these out…

Make a Lunch Box from a Milk Jug

How cool is this!

Not only are you making your own reusable sandwich box, but you’re recycling an item that would otherwise be thrown away! I just love this idea. 🙂

Make a Lunch Box from a Milk Jug from Lifehacker


Tutorial: How to Make Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags from Dabbled

I love these Reusable Sandwich bags because they’re see-through, just like regular zipper bags. Perfect to let your little ones sneak a peek at what’s in their lunch for the day!

tutorial : Make reusable sandwich bags -


Reusable snack bags + free tutorial for a sandwich wrap  from Speckled Owl Studio

These reusable snack/sandwich bags are great for kids! You can use any printed fabric they like, plus these reusable bags are easy to throw in the washer! And, I just love the free printable tutorial she drew up!!

Reusable snack bags + free tutorial for a sandwich wrap from Speckled Owl Studio

DIY: Reusable Sandwich Bag from Momtastic

This DIY Reusable Sandwich Bag is made of oil cloth which has been traditionally used to make outdoor furniture fabric, tablecloths and industrial aprons. It’s just perfect for a quick wipe down without having to throw it in the washer or stand at the sink scrubbing. Plus, oil cloth is available in hundreds of colors and patterns, just like regular fabric.


I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these awesome DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags!

I can’t wait to try making my own! I’ll let you know how I make out.

And if you make some, send me a snapshot on Instagram @vlhamlindesign or Twitter @vl_hamlin. I’d love to see what you come up with! 🙂

Have a Spectacular Day!


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