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New Stickers

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Looking for some cute stickers to use this fall? Check out these adorable new round labels – featuring illustrations and designs by VLHamlinDesign!

While I was working on the new address labels, it occurred to me that some of you might like to have regular stickers to match this years fall collection or (in the future) the rest of my stationery.

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t it be so cool to have a matching set of stationery complete with address labels and envelope seals?

So, I set out with good intentions to get ALL. OF. THE. STICKERS. done to match all of my stationery – but of course, I set that goal pretty high and considering I have over 80 complete stationery sets in the shop…well, yea…I haven’t exactly gotten them ALL done yet.

But, I will…eventually!

For now, though, I’ve created a whole bunch to match the fall collection, along with a few cute, baking themed labels that are perfect for labeling home-baked gifts! In fact, I might just use them on my own homemade Christmas food gifts!

These labels measure 1.5″ in diameter, making them the perfect size for use on a variety of projects, like…

  • Home-Baked Goods
  • Classroom stickers
  • Envelope seals
  • Mailing labels
  • Planners
  • Canning/Mason Jars
  • so much more! Just use your imagination!

New Stickers!

Pumpkin Patch Stickers

Pumpkin Patch Stickers – Great for use at a Fall Festival!


Sunflower Stickers

Sunflower Stickers – Just because…Sunflowers!


Maple Leaf Stickers

Maple Leaf Labels – Sweeten the seal of all your fall letters!


Scarecrow Stickers

Scarecrow Stickers – Great for use at a Harvest Fair!


Apple Basket Stickers

Apple Basket Stickers – Perfect for teachers and/or Apple Farmers!


Personalized Chocolate Cake Stickers

Personalized Chocolate Cake Stickers


Chocolate Chip Cookie Stickers

Chocolate Chip Cookie Labels for Home-Baked Goods


Cherry Pie - Baked With Love Stickers

Cherry Pie – Baking Labels


Head over to the shop to see the rest!

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New Stickers from VLHamlinDesign


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