New! Weekly Meal Planner Notepads

Weekly Meal Planner Notepads

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Need a way to save money on groceries while still enjoying your favorite meals? Check out these new Weekly Meal Planner Notepads from VLHamlinDesign!

Okay, you guys – you know I’m always preaching about meal planning and how much money you can save if you plan your meals ahead.

For years, I sold printable meal planners and it worked out great. But, since switching to primarily finished products, I’ve been searching for a way to offer my meal planners to you, but in a better way than you having to print them out week to week.

That’s a hassle and I want to help make your life easier not more difficult!

So, today I’m sharing a brand new selection of Weekly Meal Planner Notepads from VLHamlinDesign!

End the 5:00 Shuffle Forever!

Honestly, I don’t think many people print more than the initial week when I offer a printable meal planner.

Most people seem to print the first week and then go back to the 5:00 shuffle. They don’t follow through on their meal plans and therefore, never save money on groceries.

I know when I go grocery shopping with no plan, I spend 2 to 3 times more then I do when shopping from my meal plan.

Why do that to yourself?

Using a weekly meal planner really can help end the “What are we going to eat?” game and it doesn’t matter what kind of meal planner you use, either. The key here is repetition – sticking to it, my friends!

That’s why I believe my weekly meal planner notepads are truly going to help you!

With these meal planner notepads, you get 52 full weeks of meal planning – that’s a full year! Plus, the whole week is on one page and you can even jot down the groceries you need at the bottom.

By keeping your meal planner and grocery list all in one, it makes it easy to form a habit. Keep your weekly meal planner notepad in the kitchen, on your desk or even next to your arm chair in the living room.

Look at your weekly meal planner every day, fill it out, pay attention to what your meal plan is for the week and actually, follow through on your plan.

It might seem tedious in the beginning…starting a new habit always is…but once you get in the routine of creating a weekly meal plan, buying groceries for said plan and actually cooking those meals each night, you’ll find your evenings will be so much more relaxed.

So, without further blabber, let’s move onto these yummy looking notepads!

Just go ahead and click the images to learn more about each one.

Weekly Meal Planner Notepads

Cheeseburger Weekly Meal Planner

Cheeseburger Weekly Menu Planner

Cheeseburgers are always a good idea! These cheesy weekly menu planner is perfect to get the ideas flowing!


Cupcake Weekly Menu Planner Notepad

Cupcake Meal Planner

Paper cupcakes don’t contain any calories! So, even if you’re dieting, this Cupcake Meal Planner is sure to whet your appetite!


Fruit Salad Menu Planner Notepad

Fruit Salad Menu Planner

And speaking of dieting…fruit salad, anyone? This fruity menu planner is sure to keep you on the right track!


Ice Cream Weekly Meal Planner Notepad

Ice Cream Weekly Meal Planner

Hello! Ice cream is my favorite thing on earth, next to cheddar and pickles! So, of course, I had to create a weekly meal planner notepad featuring a cone full of goodness!

Not interested in the paper and pen method of meal planning? - Fresh Meals Delivered!

If you really want to take the easy way out – take your meal planner to a whole new level! Head over to Healthy Chef Creations, where you can choose your meals and they’ll ship them directly to you…ready to cook! Does it get any easier than that?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out our new Weekly Meal Planner Notepads – head over to the shop to see more!

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Weekly Meal Planner Notepads

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Weekly Meal Planner Notepads Weekly Meal Planner Notepads