The 2018 Christmas Collection is Live!

2018 Christmas Collection

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The 2018 Christmas Collection from VLHamlinDesign

You guys! I’m so excited – if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know this – but, if not – THE 2018 CHRISTMAS COLLECTION IS LIVE!

Can you tell how happy I am about this? As I mentioned when I released the fall collection, this is my first year of doing “collections” rather than random designs and I am having so much fun with it!

Side Note: I usually draw and use color pencils to create my designs, but, I’ve started to play around more with watercolors and this year’s Christmas collection has several watercolor paintings included!

Design Secrets

Soooo….let me tell you a little about each design –

Santa Claus by VLHamlinDesign

Santa Claus

This sweet Santa Claus is drawn with watercolor pencils and then blended with a water pen. I love him. I’m so proud of how he came out.

My inspiration was a vintage Santa “head” and that’s what I drew at first – just his head. But, after closer examination, I thought he looked ridiculous without a body, so here we are…Santa with a body…or half a body, at least! Isn’t he just adorable?

Elf by VLHamlinDesign

Mr. Elf

Mr. Elfy-Elf is hand-painted, with acrylic watercolors, from my own imagination. No other inspiration here. I just wanted to paint an Elf and so I did. But, isn’t he so cute with his candy cane bouquet?

Watercolor Ornament by VLHamlinDesign

Watercolor Ornaments

I wanted something simple and elegant to add to the collection and that’s where the Watercolor Ornaments came in – these are hand-painted with acrylic watercolors and feature a gorgeous terrazzo style background.

Puppy Love by VLHamlinDesign

Puppy Love

Ahhh…Puppy Love…I was sitting on the couch one night watching my silly dogs play and I thought it would be so cute to add a dog card to the collection. I mean, after all, they’re family, too, right? And the holidays are all about family and love!

So, I grabbed my color pencils and doodled out the male dog holding his package. But, then I got thinking he really needs a girlfriend/wife to give this package to, so, I added the love of his life. And I think she looks pretty darn fancy in her Mrs. Claus dress, don’t you?Happy Snowman by VLHamlinDesign

Happy Snowman

The Happy Snowman. If you know me or you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, then you already know I’m obsessed with snowmen. Like, obsessed. At last count, I had somewhere around 237 snowman decorations.

I even have snowman coffee mugs that I keep out year-round, because I love them so much. Yeah…obsessed. So, what would my Christmas Collection be without a snowman design? This Happy Snowman has been lovingly drawn with color pencil and is ready and waiting to come home with you!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the shop and get your part of the action today!

Christmas/Holiday Cards

Christmas Cards are $4.50 each with bulk pricing available in the listing.


Return Address Labels

Address labels are $5.00 per sheet of 30 with bulk pricing available in the listing!



Notebooks/Journals are $15.00 each.


Pencil & Accessory Pouches

These pencil pouches are available in Small or Large – $14.00+


Latte Coffee Mugs

Mugs are $15.00

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