What’s for Dinner? Daily Dinner Ideas: VOL 2

Daily Dinner Ideas VOL 2

Are you sick and tired of struggling to come up with dinner ideas? Stop wasting your time! Get dinner on the table quickly and easily every night with my daily dinner ideas.

Have you had enough of trying to make a perfect dinner that pleases everyoneevery night?

I’ve been there!

(If you’ve already been following along with my Daily Dinner Ideas, please, feel free to skip down to the bottom to see today’s recipe!)

It’s hard to please everyone at the dinner table when you have a family. The husband likes beef, but Sally prefers chicken and of course, Susie is suddenly a vegetarian. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and if you keep trying, you’re going to drive yourself crazy.

Quit wasting your time trying!

Time and time again, no matter where I go, I hear people complaining about their inability to come up with dinner ideas day after day. I even do it myself sometimes. But, I’ve had enough of it!

It’s time to take control of dinner and stop letting the stress of it control you each and every night!

I’ve been menu planning for years and while I love the process of planning out our meals, I don’t always stick to it. Sometimes, I forget to take something out of the freezer in the morning and I realize at 5:00 that I have nothing to make for dinner. Other times, I simply don’t want to eat what I have written down on the menu and I just can’t seem to figure out what I do want.

It’s pathetic!

We have too many options available and I think we’re all a bit overwhelmed with the variety out there. Oh, and of course, we’re all a bit overwhelmed with the beautiful meals on Pinterest. Kinda hard to keep up, so why bother, right?

No, your dinner is NOT going to look like the images you see on Pinterest!

Stop stressing yourself over it. That blogger/recipe developer has spent hours perfectly plating, staging and photographing that Cheeseburger that you see. Yours is not going to look so beautiful. But, who cares? The idea of dinner isn’t beauty. Science says we eat first with our eyes…but I disagree. We eat first with our sense of smell. So, if it smells good – eat it!

So, on my mission to help you (and myself) stick to a dinner menu, I’ve started a new series here on Food · Life · Design. It’s called “What’s for Dinner? Daily Dinner Ideas”.

For the rest of this year, I will post new daily dinner ideas…everyday. Sometimes, they’ll be my recipes from here on the blog and other times, they’ll be recipes from around the web. They will always include an image and a link directly to the recipe.

You Never Have to Wonder What’s for Dinner Again!

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There is no charge and I don’t expect you to buy anything!

All I ask is that you start enjoying dinnertime with your family. Stop stressing over what to eat and whether or not it’s “pretty” enough to show off on your Facebook page. Just enjoy the time you have with your children…they’ll be grown before you know it!

Now, go – get cooking!

What’s for Dinner? Daily Dinner Ideas Vol. 2

Flatbread Pizza with Spicy Bacon and Garlic 3

Spicy Flatbread Pizza with Bacon & Garlic

Click the image above to head over to the recipe.

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Have a Spectacular Day!